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My Dream Wedding接下来又有惊喜降临.就在本周末Mid Valley Exhibition Centre举行的婚展现场>>>赶紧来找我们下订单吧!

你想要的婚照价格或风格,My Dream Wedding都可以给你❤️想你所想,拍你想拍!我们期待与您们邂逅!

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My Dream Wedding believes that every love story is unique and definitely deserving of bespoke experience throughout the photography journey – from the initial gowns selection to makeup details and from the photo-shoot to the final presentation of the lighting with the surrounding , our photography professionals craft naturally-guided shots that radiate the couple’s individuality and encapsulate the essence of each love story.


Tce Wedding Expo

 Brand New Setting Launch

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21/2/2020 – 23/2/2020 (Fri – Sun)

Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Booth:03 & 017
My Dream Wedding